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Uutos Helsinki Oy is a tea consultancy company located in Helsinki, Finland.

We organize tea events both open to all as well as by request. For people working with tea we provide guidance and a consulting service. Our strengths are a strong and multivaried personal experience of tea, as well as a broad fount of knowledge. Both our expertise as well as our events have been lauded, as well as represented in the media.

You might also be interested in this presentation on the factors affecting both perceived and actual levels of caffeine in tea. We have also published the categorized list of references that went into that article here.

And here’s a funky graph widget showing the amount of tea Darjeeling gardens produce at different times of the year:

The graph below shows the production quantities of the whole Darjeeling area as well as individual farms throughout the seasons in different years. The information comes from the official database of the Tea Board of India. You can enlarge a particular area of the graph by clicking and dragging. Double-click to zoom back out. As a default, the graph shows the production using a two week sliding average, but this can be changed from the lower left corner. It is worth noting however, that invoices are entered into the database with delays, at earliest when the batch leaves the factory, but certainly not when its material was harvested.

 first flush in-between flush second flush monsoon autumnal

Men seem to have lost their stature and comeliness, and women their beauty [with the advent of tea] — Jonas Hanway, Essay on Tea, 1756